Three Fast Facts About Flooding Every Homeowner Needs To Know


As a homeowner, there are a lot of threats to your home to fear. Fires, pests, and storm damage are just a few, but flooding is one of the biggest hands down. Even if you think that you are in an area that is safe from flooding, you never know when the weather can change and bring floodwaters into your home. As a homeowner, it is important to educate yourself about flooding. Here are three facts that you should know about flooding to understand just how great the risk can be. 

1. Every Area Could See Flash Flooding - It does not matter if you live in the dry climate of Texas or the ever-wet parts of Oregon, all 50 states are at risk of seeing flash floods. Flash flooding is a phrase used to describe what happens when so much rain falls in a short amount of time that the ground cannot absorb the excessive amount of water quickly enough. This results in low-lying ground filling quickly with floodwaters and invading homes. 

2. Flood Damage Is Incredibly Costly - In the United States, weather prediction is considered advanced, and even still flooding does about $6 billion in damages every year and takes as many as 140 lives. This is why it is crucial to have the appropriate amount of insurance coverage to cover flooding for your home. Floods can leave homeowners with rebuilding what they have lost and replacing all of their belongings, and in some cases even their entire home must be replaced. 

3. Not All Damage Is a Result of Moving Water - When you think of a flood damaging your home, you likely think about the force of water as it flows in from outside, putting great pressure on the walls and structure of your house. In fact, in 2015 flooding knocked several homes completely from their foundation in the state of Kentucky. However, the rush of water is sometimes the least of your worries if you are dealing with a flood. Just having water left in the home once the floods subside can create a lot of damage, such as mold and water damage, and without appropriate cleanup and restoration, your home could suffer the damages for many years down the road.

The bottom line is, flooding is a serious threat, no matter where you live, and as a homeowner, it is imperative that you understand the dangers. If your home has been damaged by a flood, talk to a flood cleanup professional for help to save your home.


15 July 2015

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