Extend The Life Of Your Metal Roof With These Maintenance Tips


Your metal roof can give you 40 to 80 years of service if you maintain it regularly. A little attention each year can make it the last roof you'll put on your home. Annual inspections by a roofing contractor to identify and repair major issues is important. But there are a number of maintenance tasks that you can do to get the maximum life from your roof.

1. Remove debris from the roof that can trap water.

Check the roof frequently, especially after a wind and rain storm, for leaves and other yard debris that has collected on the roof. This material can hold water on the metal roof, causing rust to start in an area where the paint or protective coating has worn off. Brush or hose debris off the roof and make sure there is no water sitting on the roof.

2. Replace or tighten loose fasteners.

The stress that wind or snow loads place on a metal roof can make screws back out of the metal sheeting. Screw those back down or replace with larger threaded screws if they no longer hold in the wood roof rafters. Water can get into screw holes and cause rot to start in the wood. If that happens, the metal sheet must be pulled up and the rafter replaced, which is an expensive repair.

3. Don't mix dissimilar metals.

When you do replace screws, use only the same metals as in the original fasteners. Putting different metals together causes a chemical reaction which creates metal corrosion. For example, using galvanic steel screws on a copper roof will cause a reaction around the screw hole that will weaken the hole and allow water to seep in.

4. Repair any missing coatings.

Cover up any areas where the roof coating has been scratched down to the bare metal sheeting. Rust will develop on the sheet and work its way under the good paint on either side. The paint will pull away from the metal and flake off, leaving a larger area unprotected.

5. Make sure the sealer is intact wherever it is used.

Check the edges of the metal roof where waterproof sealer has been applied. Make sure that it is still in place and protecting the roof from moisture. Check the flashings used around any openings in the roof to make sure the sealer is still working in those areas. Clean off old sealer and reseal the areas with a tube of roof sealer from the hardware store.

Spend a little time with your metal roof each year to make sure it's not been compromised. Keeping up with these simple items will prevent little issues from becoming expensive roofing repairs. For more information, talk to a roofing specialist like Troutville Home Repair.


28 September 2015

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