How To Remove Baseboard And Clean A Wall With Water Damage


If you have flooding in your basement, the baseboard molding is often the first thing that you will need to replace. But, changing your baseboard after flooding requires a few extra steps. This article explains how to remove water damaged wood or MDF baseboards and prep the walls before installing the new molding. It can be messy work, but it is a vital step in restoring your basement after a flooding problem.

Removing the Old Baseboard

The key is to remove your old, waterlogged baseboard as soon as possible so the drywall beneath it can dry out. The sooner you remove it, the less likely you are to have a mold problem. You need to be careful when removing the baseboard so you don't damage the wet drywall underneath. First, cut the caulk line along the top edge of the molding. Once this seal is completely broken, you will be able to pry away the molding from the wall. Often, if the water damage is severe enough, the molding will pull away with ease. However, you might need to hammer some screwdrivers behind the baseboard and then pry it away from the wall. At this point, you can set up some fans or space heaters in your basement to make sure the bottom edge of your drywall is completely dry before moving forward.

Cleaning the Wall and Floors Around the Baseboard

Once the walls are dry, you will want to clean them before installing the new baseboard. TSP (or trisodium phosphate) is a very effective cleaning solution. It will prep the surface and prevent the eventual formation of mold underneath the molding. If you are changing the molding for a large basement, you will want to by the powder mixture. With the mixture you can clean larger areas and save some money. You just need to mix it with water and put it in a spray bottle. If you are just cleaning up one room where water damage occurred, you can use a liquid solution. The premixed liquid is easier to use but a little more expensive. If there is already mold formed on your drywall, you will need to scrub the mold with a cleaning brush or sponge. Then, use a dry rag to wipe down the newly cleaned area and remove any TSP residue from the wall.

Finally, you just need wait for the wall to dry before installing the new baseboard. For more information about water restoration work, contact a company like Servpro Of South Elkhart Co


27 May 2016

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