The Best Steps To Follow When Dealing With The Fire Damage Aftermath


If a fire occurred in your home, the firefighters may have been able to put it out quickly, saving your home from being completely destroyed. However, you'll still need to deal with the aftermath of the fire, which may include fire damage in different areas of the home, especially the area of the home where the fire first started. Fire damage professionals provide different services to help restore a property after such a traumatic and unfortunate event.

Determine the Condition of Your Home's Structure

It's important to make sure the structure of the home is still in good condition. You don't want to think it's safe and then a wall collapses when you least expect it. The professionals may need to inspect your home and its structure to make sure it's still in decent condition and isn't going to collapse on you when you're sleeping, taking a shower, or even sitting in your living room and watching television.

Have Soot Removed from Each Room

Due to the fire, you may have a lot of soot on the walls and floors of different rooms inside your home. The professionals can use several different methods to get rid of the soot. When dealing with the walls, they may use special soot sponges with cleaners that will remove the soot and leave each room smelling a lot better, so that the smoke smell is no longer present. The professionals can vacuum or sweep any of the loose pieces of soot before they start giving the floors a thorough cleaning, which may involve mopping, using a disinfectant, and shampooing the carpet.

Remove Water and Moisture

There is a possibility you'll have some water inside the home from the hose that was used by the firefighters to put the fire out for you. Aside from having the soot removed, you'll need to have the water removed from the home. If the water gets left behind, it'll leave a stagnant smell, damage your floors, and cause a ton of mold to start growing. The professionals can use a water extractor to suction the water from the floors and may then complete the restoration process by drying out any moisture with the use of heavy-duty fans.

Dealing with the aftermath of a fire is difficult for anyone. A fire is such a traumatic experience that no one should have to go through. If you've been through this unfortunate event and your home is damaged, you'll need to let the professionals help you with fire damage services. They'll check the structure, remove soot, eliminate the smoke odor, and get rid of any water.

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15 May 2018

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