Ways To Prep Your Plumbing For The Upcoming Winter To Avoid A Catastrophe


The cold winter weather is going to come sooner than you think That's why you will want to take some steps to ensure that your plumbing is ready for the cold temperatures and will not have an unexpected pipe burst. Here are some things you should do around your home before the temperature drops.

Turn Off Your Outdoor Faucets

You're likely not going to be using your outdoor faucets during the winter, which is why you want to shut them off properly. If you do not turn off the faucets the correct way, water can freeze in the faucet and cause the pipe to burst, leading to water in your basement or causing it to leak out of the faucet outside.

Look inside your home for a valve that not only turns off the water and prevents it from entering the portion of the pipe outside your home, but also allows you to drain the water to remove anything that could be trapped inside. Make sure that you use this shutoff valve for turning off and draining the water just to be safe.

You should also disconnect any hoses or attachments connected to an outdoor faucet, since the water in the connection can freeze and break the plumbing fixture.

Insulate Your Pipes

It is a good idea to put insulation around the plumbing in places that are not heated, such as an unfinished basement or crawl space. Having the insulation around hot water pipes will improve the energy efficiency of your hot water heater, and insulating cold water pipes will prevent them from freezing and bursting. That little bit of foam can go a long way in terms of providing protection.

Seal Drafts Near Plumbing

You'll also want to take steps to seal and drafts that are allowing cold air into your home in places where your water pipes are located. This can cause the temperature to drop low enough to freeze the water in the pipe.

Program Your Thermostat

Don't be tempted to turn off your thermostat while you are away from your home for a longer period of time to save on HVAC related costs. If the temperature drops too much while you are away, pipes can freeze. It is a better idea to program your thermostat so that it never drops below 55 degrees, which should be enough to avoid an unexpected pipe burst while you're away.

While all these tips have the goal of preventing a pipe from bursting, you may not end up being so lucky. Be sure to have the number of emergency plumber services handy just in case you find that water is emptying into your home from a damaged pipe.


28 November 2018

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